Investment Operations

LEI registrations stall, time for fundamental rethink and innovative solutions

Excerpt from new research by Financial InterGroup:

LEI registration continues at a somewhat consistent pace of 20,000 per month pace while monthly Lapsed LEIs continue to follow along at 30.8% of all registered LEIs.

We comment more extensively on the state of Relationship Data collection and review alternate means to both accelerate that effort and, at the same time, realize the objectives of cost and risk mitigation for the largest, globally systemic financial institutions, and for regulators.

We also suggest a second look at the assumptions made about the GLEIS’s system architecture and assess whether the time frames for the current implementaion of global data standards will allow these efforts to achieve their cost containment and risk analysis objectives. A series of recommendations are made to improve the quality and timeliness of data and the usefulness of the GLEIS to accomodate evolving real-time financial industry infrastructure changes.

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