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ISITC 25th Annual Securities Operations Summit | Mar 24-27 Boston

25th Annual Securities Operations Summit

March 24-27, 2019, Boston, MA

Since 1991, ISITC has served as a hub for industry leaders to collaborate and solve the issues and challenges facing financial services operations. We have developed best practices, shared leading-edge insights, and encouraged engagement and an open exchange of ideas. We’re proud of what has been achieved and the reputation we have earned as an organization committed to the advancement of innovation and efficiency in our industry.

This past year, ISITC partnered on several initiatives with other industry organizations to leverage our collective subject matter expertise and explore key trends and issues. We focused significant effort on data modeling and definitions, an especially important undertaking as new data is created daily and requires increased flexibility. Regulations like GDPR and Brexit will also remain on our radar as we consider the implications and consequences to our member firms and financial services, as a whole. Our Annual Securities Operations Summit theme for this year — Financial Services Disrupted: Charting the Course — connects to everything we’re seeing in our ever-evolving world. To thrive, firms will need to future-proof their organizations and keep close attention to the latest trends, developments, and opportunities.

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