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DTCC Wades into Post-Trade Consulting Biz

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The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) confirmed this morning that it has launched DTCC Consulting Services, an advisory service to provide market participants around the world with what it says will be “unparalleled access to the firm’s expertise and experience in post-trade processing.”

In a statement, DTCC said it will offer specialized, client-focused consulting services to help firms transform their post-trade business operations, including conducting initial infrastructure diagnostics, providing expert insight on their operational model design and on identifying their benchmarks, and helping firms to deliver on their strategy. Subject-matter experts will then be deployed, according to the statement, with relevant industry knowledge and expertise to guide firms in the decisions they make throughout the process. The company confirmed it had engaged Quorsus, providers of specialist consulting services to financial institutions, in support of launching the service.

According to Chris Childs, Managing Director and Head of Repository & Derivatives Services at DTCC, as the industry faces an unprecedented swathe of regulatory, financial and operational challenges in 2020 and beyond, DTCC remains committed to supporting firms in more effectively managing regulatory changes, infrastructure enhancements, business process updates, control framework enhancements and other challenges related to post-trade processing. “For over 45 years, the industry has trusted us to solve some of the biggest challenges in the post-trade processing ecosystem,” said Childs. “Our unique position and vantage point enable us to provide our clients with guidance and recommendations to decrease risk and lower the cost of meeting regulatory and industry-driven requirements at a price-point that reflects genuine value.”

Sources at DTCC said the service will initially be launched in support of the firm’s Repository & Derivatives Services (RDS) and Institutional Trade Processing (ITP) businesses, focusing on areas including but not limited to regulatory compliance with Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) and Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) and best practices in the trade reporting and the post-trade process.