Investment Operations

Best Practices in Collateral Management | September 15

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This one-day course is designed for margin and collateral management practitioners, credit and counterparty risk managers, treasury staff, product developers and technology functions, internal auditors of the collateral management areas, prime services providers, clearinghouses and custody banks.  Registrants should have experience with margin and collateral from a front, middle or back office view, or have taken the two-day Collateral Management Bootcamp.  The course will cover best practices in margin and collateral management from both a sell side and buy side perspective, and will also address capital, leverage and liquidity management and the interrelationships with margin and collateral management.  The course is not theoretical, but has been developed from real-world practical experience of designing target operating models and solutions across business lines and asset classes.


  • Best practices for managing the uncleared swaps margin rules (UMRs) across global markets – managing the regulatory differences
  • Best practices for meeting the 2021 and 2022 uncleared swaps IM rules phases – a how-to guide to implementation
  • UMR documentation requirements to be compliant
  • Documentation and agreements – best practices in extracting and managing the rules
  • Document digitization and negotiation technology advances
  • Global collateral management ecosystem – from regulation to infrastructure to connectivity to the market participants and users
  • Credit and counterparty risk management – a deep dive into the XVAs
  • Technology stack for optimal enterprise collateral management – what to build, what to buy and what to decommission
  • Target operating model for best practice margin and collateral management by firm size, buy side or sell side

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